imageThis is me doing Pike on the Wunda Chair at 24 weeks pregnant. I think it was the first day I really loved Pilates, so much so that I’m sure it was the spark that made me want to be an instructor. I felt so proud of myself walking out of my session that day. Of course now I see things I could improve (winging shoulder blades, head out of alignment, blah blah), but we all start somewhere! This was a pretty important somewhere for me.

I’ve never considered myself a health nut, or a fitness pro, and boy do I love a good taco and even more, a delightful glass of bubbly. So in some ways, I work hard  at Pilates so that I can enjoy the rest of my life without feeling some kind of guilt.

The main reasons I love Pilates so much is that it healed my body of issues I didn’t even know I had: Poor posture (I thought I stood up pretty straight), muscular imbalances, acute diastasis recti, pelvic floor weakness (thank you childbirth for those two lovely gifts!), and generally not very strong. And oh I hated (past tense!) the weight room at the gym. I would do it, but I never enjoyed it. Thanks to Pilates and consistent practice, my diastasis is probably as healed as it will ever get without surgical intervention, and my posture and muscular strength have improved so very much. Everyone does fitness for their own reasons, I encourage you to find yours, and then start somewhere, start small. Start with a private session or a workshop.

Pilates private sessions in Tucson, ArizonaI come to Pilates with a mindset to enjoy movement and the work we do for our bodies. When you are doing Pilates, you should be proud of the work you are doing! Your body needs and deserves movement, strength, flexibility, fluidity. When you come to class, slow down! Stop thinking about all of the challenges life throws at you; enjoy the quiet, deliberate movement, and work hard. It will be its own reward.

Pilates will probably have you moving your body in ways you never have before, but it will open up a new understanding of how your body works and how best to use it for daily life. Join me, will ya?