This Isn’t About Pilates, Either.

I love Pilates. I really do. The method is inspiring if you get deep enough into it to begin to understand it. It makes my body feel good–really, really, good. So I do it. But you want to know what? It’s not all I do. Not because I’m a fitness freak or love being skinny or because it makes me look really good. I’m none of those things, honestly. I still carry some weight from the three babies I birthed, I don’t want to eat boiled chicken and lettuce three meals a day, and honestly staying in any kind of shape is just hard work. That was quite a tangent.

In a sequel to my previous blog post, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t take much to add some fitness to your life. Maybe you don’t come to Pilates or don’t even like it. That’s cool. What I do want is for you to feel good. Go for a walk at lunch and take a protein shake and a piece of fruit with you instead of sitting at your desk (I’m sorry if it’s rainy or snowy where you live. It’s February 1st and 80 degrees here in Tucson–outside is all I can think about.). Or find a quiet corner of the office to do a 15 minute leg and abs workout. Wrangle a desk mate into it. Find some awesome fitness people to follow on Instagram who post short workouts using compound movements with body weight only (like @naablevy @mickiphit or @nancycastiglioni or @bwmcfitness, they’re my faves). Last night I did a 20 minute workout on the bleachers during my 5 year old’s soccer practice. I did three sets of a plank series, step ups onto the first seat, I practiced hanging, and then I chased my two year old all over creation running as fast as I could. It doesn’t take much.

So instead of some big, unachievable fitness thing you don’t have time for anyways, just do something, every single day. My husband does his 300: 100 pushups, 100 sit ups, 100 pull ups. I do three sets of pushups, squats and lunges (I just typed lunches, maybe I’m hungry…), and usually some kind of abdominal series. It’s not even Pilates. But it feels good. All it takes for your body to feel good is that you want it, and find something you can do. Don’t do what someone else is doing, but do be allowed to be inspired by what they are doing, and make it your own.

Some day I’ll talk about Pilates again. But for now, do movement that feels good and challenges you a little bit, and eat the right amount of calories.


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