Balance | Principles of Pilates

When was the last time you stood on one foot for a while, just to see how long you could manage the task? Go ahead, see how long you can hold it. I started getting bored about twenty seconds in, so I bent my opposite leg and touched the ground, and repeated it ten times before I started getting bored of that, so I sat back down to keep writing to you. 😉

Balance is so very important to our lives. It helps with our posture, proper muscular development and function, it helps to prevent falls and injuries, and is simply necessary for healthy, daily movement. The older you get, the more balance decreases, and it is wise to practice balance in order to keep it. Many in the fitness industry will tell you, “Use it or lose it!” It is true.

When you attempted the balance exercise, was one side easier than the other? We all have one side of the body that is stronger than the other, or one side with a past injury that inhibits us. The body is not perfectly balanced, even down to our internal organs. None of us is perfectly balanced or symmetrical. I struggle with injuries from an accident on the right side of my body, so anything that requires symmetrical work from both sides of my body is a true challenge. I have to work very deep in mind and body to complete even the pelvic curl, let alone roll like a ball or jackknife or short spine. Ahhh balance, you are a tricky one.

I address balance in the general sense and in regards to muscular development/strength in both sides of your body in each class. Think of your side-lying hip work (whether on the mat, the reformer, or the arc!), it takes concentration and effort to stay balanced on one side while using the muscles on the other side of the body, doesn’t it? We also work on balancing your muscles to improve posture. Now every time you come to class you’ll notice how balance exercises are incorporated into your workouts!

We could also talk about the other meaning of balance, finding balance in all areas of life. Perhaps you have a rigorous work schedule, or you have little people at home that demand so much of you, or there is a huge challenge in life that’s stressful–doing the good work of Pilates helps to achieve a balance of mind, body, and spirit. And that is another beneficial type of balance. Don’t neglect your sessions this week, as you will leave feeling refreshed, proud of your body, and of course, balanced.


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