Health and Wellness Goals

I avoided New Year’s Resolutions like the plague this year. Who of us hasn’t written down one or two sweeping resolutions over the years and failed miserably? *raises hand* Resolutions tend to flop because we haven’t truly addressed why we want to achieve them, or because we bite off more than we can chew. Let’s resolve to stop that nonsense, and do something (or many little somethings) that are practical and doable.

You’re coming to class or private sessions for some very good reasons, I know! I am invested in you and your goals, and I want to help you achieve them.

What is your main goal? This would be something like, “Lose twenty pounds,” or, “Have more flexibility,” or “Tone my body.” Wonderful! Now why? It will be great to achieve those things, but there has to be something other than the end goal that helps drive you to it. Do you want more energy? To feel healthier in your own skin? To be able to do something you love with more efficiency?

Now that you have your goal and your why written down, you need to think practically about how you will achieve them. What are your first second and third steps, and how will you work toward them on a weekly basis? How will you measure your progress?

I will share my fitness goal with you: Perform a teaser.teaserjp

Why? After I had my sweet little Eleanor, it was nearly nine months before I could connect and fire my lowest and deepest abdominal muscles efficiently. If you don’t know me and are reading this for the first time, I had three babies exactly three years and six days apart from first to last. I had a severe diastasis recti that needed to be addressed, and my abdominals were very worn out (to say the least). So my why isn’t just doing the exercise, it means I’ve been able to rehabilitate my core to a point of being able to perform advanced level work for my own practice and for my Pilates certification. That is a big driving force for me!

How? I spend 3-5 hours each week doing Pilates on my own time outside of teaching. You’d think this particular exercise would just come naturally, believe me I wish that it did. When I first decided to make it my goal to accomplish this apparently monumental task, I found additional weaknesses in my body that needed to be addressed. My hip flexors were weaker than I knew, and my knee extensors (particularly my right knee) were weak or potentially damaged from an accident years ago. So now I’m not only working on my core rehabilitation, but on knee health and rehabilitation, plus the strength of my hip flexors. Whew! It’s a lot. But I’m getting closer each week and progress is measurable (I take photos and can feel how strong I’m getting by the efficiency of my workouts or particular exercises).

Think about your goals, keep them handy, and take time for yourself to address those goals weekly, along with tracking your progress.



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