The Beauty of Private Sessions

Private sessions will give you the most effective start to Pilates workouts. When you walk into the studio for the first time, you’re seeing new equipment and people moving their bodies in ways you won’t see at the weight room in a gym. It might actually be a little frightening. 😉 “You want me to put my feet where and move my legs how??” I sure do!

And all the while I lead you through a workout on the reformer (we’ll start there, or on the Cadillac), I’m going to be watching your body move. I’ll note your levels of flexibility, your range of motion for each exercise, I’ll take careful note of your posture and alignment, and along the way I’ll give you a good workout. Coming to a private session is nice for you to enjoy personal attention of course, but it’s a world of help to me for your future workouts.

When you come in for a private session, I’m reading you and learning about you. From that point I can begin to create sessions with specific things in mind that will benefit your body–to help you grow in strength, balance, flexibility, body awareness, and confidence. Did you even know your body needed all of these things? Come in for a private session. Start to wire a new and wonderful connection between your mind and your body. You’ll learn to move with grace and purpose in all areas of your life, and not just in the studio.


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