Chicken Soup

Make maintaining your healthy life easy with simple go-to meals you can build on. Chicken soup of just about any kind is one of my favorite comfort foods. Start with a simple soup base:

1/2 chopped yellow or sweet onion
4ish cloves garlic, minced

Sauté these in your soup pot, onion first 4-5mins, then garlic for one minute. Add:

1 32oz container of organic chicken broth (Fred Meyer’s Simple Truth Organic is usually very close to the same price as non-organic!)

A few chicken breasts (yes you can throw them in frozen, you’re welcome)

That’s it. From there I decide what I’m in the mood for. Do I want a Mexican style soup? Season with a teaspoon or two of cumin, one of chili powder, a dash or two of Mexican oregano. Add black beans, corn, fire roasted tomatoes, hatch chiles, top with cilantro. Bam. Dinner in less than an hour. 

How about minestrone? Yes please. Season with rosemary, thyme, oregano, celery seeds, a couple dashes of red chili flakes. Add diced tomatoes, white beans, red potato, celery, carrot, zucchini, chopped kale, go crazy with the vegetables. (Be forewarned, this may be your new favorite.)

Want a simple, hearty soup? Season with turmeric, a few chili flakes, pepper. Add sweet potato, black beans, carrots, corn, and hot chilis if you like it spicy. 

Feeling adventurous? Try it with sweet potatoes, 2/3c natural peanut butter, and sriracha to taste, topping with cilantro and eating it over brown rice. Honestly, the options are nearly endless.

Simmer the chicken and harder vegetables, covered, for 30-45mins in a stock pot or Dutch oven, adding the softer vegetables toward the last 15-20 mins, and shredding the chicken with two forks at the very end. 

What’s your favorite chicken soup recipe? 

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