Your Posture and Pilates

Our bodies are so fascinating; they are designed specifically for proper movement and posture, but we often neglect to give back to our bodies the strength and movement they need to serve us well. Particularly in this age with many of us working at a desk or sitting so much in our free time (hello, I binge-watched The Crown recently, too). Our bodies were made to move from a place of proper alignment.

ideal-posture-116x300We all have likely had or struggle with some posture issues in our lives. The problem with incorrect posture is that it removes efficiency and creates muscular imbalances. Think for a moment, if your head isn’t properly aligned on your spine and it sits forward, there will be more weight (approximately ten pounds of additional pressure per inch forward) and pressure on the spine, allowing for muscular imbalances and even the risk of nerve damage or arthritis if it goes on for too long. Think if you slouch forward with your ribs closing in on your hip bones, how much space your vital organs are losing in order to function efficiently. So, when your spine and pelvis are not in a neutral state, it can lead to a plethora of issues.

What I love so much about Pilates is that it strengthens the body while correcting posture and muscle imbalances. If you suffer from forward head syndrome, we will work to stretch your chest muscles and strengthen your upper back muscles, as well as gain proper shoulder placement. If you slouch over your computer at work or sit a lot, we will work to give you length in your spine, as well as the strength in your core and your spinal extensors required to hold yourself up. So much of why I wanted to become a Pilates instructor is because of how much it helped me change my body for the better. There came a point after practicing for a number of months that I realized it was no longer difficult to have good posture, and it was almost painful to sit or stand out of alignment–it was a wonderful revelation.

Come to class. Do it regularly. Twice a week, three times a week, whatever it takes. You will begin to feel better. Your health is not necessarily just your shape, but how healthy, strong, flexible and energetic you feel.


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