The Missing Link to Eating Well

A plan is usually the missing link to eating well. And something I heard a trainer say once (or a hundred times), “If you put good food in your fridge, you will eat good food.” If you’re putting forth the effort to do Pilates, don’t shun the role of the kitchen and the fuel you give to your body.

I don’t scrutinize labels or count calories or look at fat content. Nope. Too much work and too restricting. If you know anything about me, you know I love food and I love to feed people; most things in my life revolve around food and hungry people (six of them, and always hungry). And frankly, we should be able to enjoy food without guilt, so long as it’s nutritious food to fuel your body.

Here are some things I do to plan my food intake for the week.

  1. Make it easy. For Pete’s sake, make it easy! You’re busy with a million things. Sit down for half an hour (or if you have five kids, an hour) and devote yourself to it. Plan every meal for the week, and keep it simple: meal plans and meals that don’t take hours of effort.
  2. Put good food in your fridge and cabinets, and throw away the junk. Just throw it away and don’t buy it again. It’ll be easier in a week or two.
  3. Prepare your fruit and vegetables ahead of time. When you come home from the store, allow yourself the extra fifteen to twenty minutes to chop veggies/fruits and put them into containers in the front of the fridge (not in those freaking drawers at the bottom!).
  4. Give yourself a cheat day, guilt free. Personally, mine is a glass or two of Prosecco on Friday nights with dinner and sharing a pint of Talenti Peanut Butter Cup Gelato with my main squeeze. Yes, every week, and no it doesn’t get old. 😉
  5. Make a list of your top five favorite vegetables and plan how to mix them into your meal plan. Mine are: Broccoli, Asparagus, Bell Peppers, Zucchini, Cucumber. Don’t try to eat healthy food you don’t like.
  6. Eat mindfully. Ask yourself if what you’re about to eat will help you reach your goals or if your body needs the fuel. I can’t tell you how many pastries I have turned down by asking this one question (because banana bread or an ocean roll, just stop it).

Do the best with what you’ve got. If you can’t afford all organic and grass fed everything, it’s OK. I struggle with that myself. Say it again, “Do the best with what you have.”

I’ll create posts with a meal plan foundation you can use weekly, plus different snack ideas and new recipes (only tried and true ones). Just be gracious with yourself and only make one or two small changes at a time until it becomes just a part of the way you do things. Small steps toward a greater goal. Good health all around.

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