My Top 5 Benefits

Any Pilates instructor or addict will tell you at least a few reasons why they love it. I think an act of God brought me to the path of being an instructor, because I feel so…normal. But you know what? I really fell in love with giving my body strength, endurance, and flexibility (among other things), and I knew I wanted to pass that along just as that gift was given to me by my instructor.

Your list will look different from my list. You’ll come to class for ten different reasons than I do. And that’s fabulous. Here’s a little teaser of why I love this so much:

  1. I felt strong. After about 15 sessions I knew my strength had greatly improved. I could haul huge loads of laundry upstairs without a struggle (I had a one year old and a two year old, my body was so tired back then).
  2. My diastisis recti had gone from a 4 finger width down to about 2 in that same amount of time. What black magic was this? Honestly.
  3. My flexibility improved. The first time you do leg circles, and then the 30th time you do them, will show you just what I mean. Plus, I could put my palms on the floor when I bent over. That had never ever happened before.
  4. My posture improved. I sat so poorly, likely because my abdominals and my back extensors weren’t very strong. Plus I carried (yes, used to! Past tense!) stress in my neck and shoulders, so everything was just yikes. One day not too long ago I was sitting at Verizon being helped by one of their customer service reps and he paused right in the middle of what he was doing to say, “Wow. You have really nice posture.” It is actually painful for me to slump or to let my shoulders fall forward now.
  5. This is my favorite, I must say: I can properly recruit muscles to do work for me. Any physical task has gotten noticeably easier. Yes it’s because I’m stronger, but it’s also because through constant practice and the intentional connection of the mind to the body, I can now use my abs to shovel the ridiculous amount of snow from my driveway. My back and shoulders weren’t sore after shoveling, my abs were. Of course all of my muscles worked in tandem to get the job done, but I could use my abs to do much of the grunt work needed to lift and throw that heavy mess. I can properly engage my back muscles or my lats or whatever in order to more efficiently move my body. And that’s kinda nerdy neat.

Why do you practice?


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