What is Pilates?

Pilates is a fitness regime created by Joseph Pilates that he called Contrology. He based it off of ancient Grecian and Roman styles of fitness. He truly believed the health of the spine determined the age of a person. Pilates focuses very much on the proper alignment of the whole body, beginning with the spine and its natural state (and yes, it is curved, not straight! If your spine is straight, come find me, or a physical therapist, and soon).

Everything we do as instructors is to help keep your spine in a safe state, to strengthen the muscular system of the body to hold you up properly, and so follows that your whole life of daily tasks and challenges will be done safely and effectively with strength and grace.

Wouldn’t it be nice to carry that basket of laundry upstairs without being out of breath or your back hurting, but instead have a little extra spring in your step? Or to load the baby and toddler into the back of the car without wrenching your back out? Or to lift weights and find better form and strength? Enter Pilates.

Something that is so lovely about Pilates is it builds upon the foundational work. You’ll start somewhere (there it is again) that teaches you proper movement, alignment, and recruitment of your muscles: Level 1. And when you’ve mastered the foundational work (chest lift, pelvic culrl, hundred prep), you’ll move onto exercises that build strength and coordination on top of those (criss cross, shoulder bridge, hundred): Level 2 and beyond. There’s never a dull moment in the Pilates studio. One day you’ll rock certain exercies, and others not so much, you may need on those days to focus on flexibility and gentle movement. Our bodies are different every day, let us give them the courtesy of not doing leg day if we do not need leg day, and let us give our whole body movement each time.


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